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Who we are

J.A. Solutions Srl is an engineering platform that brings together consulting, planning and supply of building materials, serving institutional, private and corporate clients operating in the African context.

It is a result of the symbiosis between the academic and professional experience of two engineers, trained in Italy, but operating for more than 15 years in Africa in liaison with the Italian corporate sector.

It encompasses/includes professional partners with many years of experience in the field of civil engineering as a whole, each one with a specalized set of services in the context of a complex supply chain of the construction project.


We have everything you need to launch a successful construction project in Africa.

Africa is one of the areas of the world with the most interesting prospects for economic and social growth; the founders of J.A. Solutions Srl have been and still are direct witnesses of numerous construction works being successfully developed in Africa.

Our experience in the field taught us how important/pivotal it is, for the success of a construction project, to rely on professionals who are able to understand and execute the customer's goals in the best possible way, and in terms of:


Time is money and all projects, some more than others, benefit from short and efficient completion times


Obtaining the best possible quality as per the requirements to fit the purpose and the budget allocated by the customer - 'Best value for money'


Greater integration of the fundamental characteristics of a construction project: Initial cost, Aesthetics, Functionality, Efficiency, Cost of Management / Maintenance of the project

We therefore believe we can offer our customers a real added value through:


A successful construction project always requires a skilful design activity; it is therefore essential that good architects, electrical engineers, health professionals, mechanics, well coordinated by J.A. Solutions Srl deliver a high quality project to the full benefit of the client. We can offer you this full package.

Building material selection

In the field of the delicate selection of construction materials, we consider it is important to work with those who have for years been at the heart of this process and who have a clear view of the goals of this selection process: Initial cost, Aesthetics, Functionality, Efficiency, Costs of Management / Maintenance of the project. We are fortunate to have partnered with many companies in Italy capable of satisfying the most varied needs, in terms of taste, cost and quality.

Machinery and equipment for the construction sector

We provide consulting and sale of machinery and equipment for the construction sector

We have partners who can assist companies or other interested parties in the purchase of good quality, overhauled used machinery. Of course we can also offer new machinery and equipment as well. Possible supplies: Tower cranes, Mobile Cranes, Crushers, Earth Moving Machines, Concrete Mixers, Concrete Plants, and more.

Supply of building materials

We supply all building materials, including logistics and transport to the port / airport of destination.

Once the construction materials have been selected, an efficient logistic process must be completed, starting with the purchase, packaging, transport, and delivery to destination. All this is accompanied by administrative work which must be as quick and precise as possible.


We provide assistance during installations also through the deployment of specialized technicians, including technical training of various types

The experience of the General Contractor in Africa taught us that you often need experienced technicians / installers to get a good final result; these experts can not always be found on site, and J.A. Solutions Srl collaborates with 'Expatriates' with various technical skills.

We can accompany our customers both in the complete project path (Turn key project) or in one or more of our proposed activities described above.

We can help you in these projects

It is known that when we speak of 'construction' the areas of application and interest are infinite; J.A. Solutions Srl provides expertise in the following fields:

  • Residential Construction: from professional advice to full turnkey services including interior design
  • Commercial buildings: offices, commercial and other
  • Hospital construction
  • Specialized construction: catering, canteens, hangars, ....
  • Industrial Construction: from professional advice to full turnkey services including installation of production plants
  • Infrastructure: Consultancy on infrastructural works, topographic surveys, .....
  • Urban planning and landscaping

We are fully fitted to serve any client, individuals, companies and organizations that intend to start one of the aforementioned construction works.

Our partners

Professional partners are key

The base of the platform are the founders of J.A. Solutions Srl and their extensive experience in the African construction sector and in parallel with suppliers of engineering goods and services in Italy and other European countries.

In addition, our professional partners play a very important role, and they are carefully selected and included in the platform based on their proven competences and earned trust.

We can briefly list them as follows:

  • Individual designers and design companies operating in Italy and also in Ethiopia
  • Italian logistics companies, including Acomex Srl based in Rome
  • General Contractor operating in Ethiopia, Elmi Olindo Contractors PLC
  • Expert partners in used (and new) construction equipment
  • Various suppliers of construction material

It takes a broad range of skills and expertise to make sure we can provide the best solution for our clients. Meet the people behind J.A. Solutions Srl

Alberto Elmi
Co-founder and CEO
Jules Temgoua
Co-Founder and Strategy Manager

Get in touch and let's make something great together. Let's turn your great idea into an even greater project. +39 3394090741 - +39 3404721075

Where to find us

Via Proceno 5
00191 Rome, Italy

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